Starting Over, v0.1

Shipping v0.1 now, is more important than shipping v1.0 many months later.

About over a year ago, was a functional, sporadically updated site built on Wordpress, running a slightly customised version of Independent Publisher. I was facing some issued with my web host so decided to move, which involved transferring 5 sites across.

During the move, I never got around to restoring, with the assumption that I could always get back to it, I had a backup. Nope. See, I thought my files were backed up, but then I found out the mySQL database had gone missing. I had copies of the DBs of other sites, but mine was gone, I lost all my content. Not a biggie, google's cache or will have a copy, it wasn't there either. All gone!

Time to start over.

Wordpress for all it's issues, is an easy system to use. You can have websites up and running in under an hour, has a great, easy to use admin section which almost anyone, with basic wordprocessing skills can use. However, all of this comes with a massive overhead which I did not want to go deal with again.

So a flat file CMS was the way to go. I played around with a few, like Grav and Kirby but for now, have chosen to build on Pico.

It's not perfect, but Pico was the fastest I could design to my liking. Sure, there are features missing and the publishing workflow involves ftp, but it's live.

I have moved to Grav as it turns out Pico had some security vulneratbilities that I missed earlier.

It's easy to forget, but shipping v0.1 now, is more important than shipping v1.0 many months later.